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     Julia is an Actress and Writer based in Los Angeles, CA. She has trained with Sal Romeo and Crista Flanagan for on-camera acting and with Maile Flanagan for voiceover. She has also trained with Brian Danner of Sword Fights Inc. for stage and camera combat (broadsword, rapier, hand-to-hand, and firearms). She has a BFA in Acting for TV+Film from HCLA and a BA in English, Minor in Theatre, from ETSU.


     In addition to acting she is a published poet, more about this on 'writing,' and enjoys honing her skills in swordplay and voiceover. When not working she can be found collecting way too many crystals and attempting to 100% complete the BioShock video game series.

The Foreword 


The Chapters

Sometimes she gets overly poetic when describing things and those around her who were enthralled moments ago with the discussion of quantum entanglement are now confused as to how the romantic pining of one's soul has anything to do with physics. Well, a great deal in her opinion but she digresses.

Julia's favorite land animal is the Highland Cow, her favorite sea animal is the Humpback Whale, sky is Crow, and microscopic is the tardigrade...they will outlive us all. Did you know the entire species is female and commonly called moss piglets!?

Selectively fearless and mysteriously private, Julia moved to LA solo with two suitcases after only ever having been on a plane once. The picture up top is actually from that first and only airport trip. Needless to say, she was nervous, well, terrified more like it. But, sitting here now at the foot of my bed happier than I've ever been in my life...I'd say it was worth the fear. I mean look how happy I am ---> I grew a rainbow out of my face. Wow.


We all want to see ourselves in others. To know that we aren't truly alone or isolated on this magical marble hurling itself around a fireball. That's why we tell stories. Why we absorb them into our souls. Humans have always been storytellers and we will always be storytellers. I'm just here to keep that going. To me the easiest way for us, as humans, to connect to one another, is through the stories we tell. We find ourselves in characters and relate to the circumstances they are going through. Stories create a common ground, a discussion board, a place we can escape to.

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