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She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

A month ago I was in an online production of She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms. Zoom theatre is...interesting. The fact that we are still able to get together and tell stories during this time is incredible albeit somewhat technologically challenging.

Fortunately for us, our show was rewritten specifically for virtual productions. And I have to say, it worked. There were some weird little glitches here and there but we got together and told a story.

On the acting side of things it was both rewarding and challenging, as any good job is. Not being able to dig in with other actors in person definitely felt strange but doing runs of the show from your own room in semi darkness with a ring light was somehow intimate.

We fabricated the energy of the live audience for ourselves and connected to each other all while being miles and miles away. There was a beautiful duality of inviting an audience into our homes to watch us tell this story all while putting ourselves in a completely different location, into the world of the play. Somehow the world around us fell away and it was us and the screen. It felt secure and playful at the same time. It had the same energy as waiting in the wings to go on stage and that, for me, allowed the story to happen naturally; to be told seamlessly, even though at one point the loudest motorcycle in the world sped past a window.

If you get the chance, do a virtual show. It's a wonderful, weird, fulfilling experience.

julia a yancey

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