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Entangled Thoughts

Why do we seek so much external validation? What is it about our minds that we are inherently distrustful of ourselves?

I spend so much time, probably too much time, trying to figure absolutely everything out. Well...not everything. We can't all be super computers running advanced A.I.'s but I try to figure out a lot.

I think the reason I do this is because I'm curious about what it's like to be another person. To have different thoughts, life goals, experiences. Maybe the way someone else views the world would answer one or two of my own questions. But I never see exactly what I'm looking for because the ideas that I think could answer my questions are still fleeting thoughts in someone else's mind.

Ah, I'm not making sense.

Consider it this way:

I am mystified by possibility and perception. These, in my opinion, are the two driving factors of our lives.

Possibility is the curiosity we have about the coming moments. They can be good, great, bad, devastating, neutral, get the idea. It's infinity conceptualized in a thought.

And perception...perception is the only reason anything exists. Our ability to perceive objects, people, ideas, is what leads to the existence of those objects, people, and ideas. We are naturally entangled.

We can do and be anything because all of us can perceive ourselves as well as each other.

What if we were enamored by the infinite possibilities of our self perceptions?

I don't know what I'm driving at here. Just doing more of that good old fashioned thinking I guess... Maybe I'm really trying to get through to me. To tell myself that all that validation I'm seeking can be found in me. That maybe, just maybe, my perception of myself is just as important. Maybe this is how I reclaim some of my power., I guess if you're looking for the same have mine. After all, I'm just another fractal of you.

lots of love,


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