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  • julia a yancey

home [part one]

i am my home

i have painstakingly built these walls

this kitchen

this living room

it is i who tend the gardens

who polishes the spoons

i am my home

when nothing else is

when i feel alone

and helpless

i am my home

i have put up drywall

and punched it full of holes

and sat

and let water damage set in

before stripping it all bare

and starting again

i am my home

i am my comfort

the warm fuzzy blankets on the couch

the warm fuzzy socks on the ground


am my


do not take an invitation lightly

it took a long time to start giving tours

let alone a dinner party


be gentle with your fingerprints

on the piano and the hearth

and gods, please keep them away from my heart

that room isn't finished

it's still quite



it's home

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