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Redirecting Focus

Running a business from your bedroom. Oh, sounds salacious does it not?

But what I mean is that, in our current state, many of us have been laid off or are now working from home and there is a fine line between our personal lives and our business lives. Even now, I am writing this while reclined in bed snuggled up in blankets as it is, finally, a bit chilly here in L.A.

In spite of the stress of not constantly working, still a bit confused about the decision to let go of a marketing team for a business that was in dire need of more clients, I have found some wisdom in staying in and thinking of my other business, me.

I have been thinking about where I want to direct my focus, what markets I want to pitch my stories in, what markets I want to act in all while juggling the feeling of existential dread and staring at the wall crying. Thoughts of if not now, when circle my mind alongside do I really need more groceries or do I just not want to cook?

I'm learning more and more about balancing, walking that fine line of personal life and business. I find myself grateful for the long stretches of silence and the time to gaze out the window and watch the sunset. I won't lie and say that everything has been peaches and cream but there is value in this period of my life and I aim to make the most of it.

With that in mind, welcome back to the blog!

julia a yancey

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